Our Gemstone Guide – Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye

The Tigers Eye stone is a form of stone which can be identified by the usual bands of yellow and gold through the center. The stone is a quartz based stone; but is rather unique when compared to other stones in the family. The name of the stone relates to the resemblance of an ‘eye of a tiger’ or a ‘cats eye’. The stone is also on the zodiac birthstone list; the stone is both an Capricorn and Gemini birthstone.

Tiger Eye stones can be found mainly in South Africa, but can also be found in Brazil, India, and the USA.

It is said:

  • The stone symbolises decision making and aids understanding which are unclouded by any emotion.
  • Traditionally the Tigers Eye stone was said to protect the carrier from curses and is said to give you courage and self confidence.

If you feel this is the stone that could suit you, we currently sell a Tigers Eye Stone pendant or please read our other stone guides. 

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