4 Easy Steps on how to use a Candle Wax Melter

Ways to enjoy wax

There are many new ways to enjoy wax products which have become surprisingly commonplace in the 21st century. For scented wax, you can now use a wax warmer which slowly heats up the candle wax and releases its scent. For a number of years, wax has been slowly melted in burners; which the wax is placed above a tea light – but technology has now provided electric heaters which can be used for melting wax. 

How to use a wax burner

The step to get started is to buy wax products which has been designed for melting in wax melters! This will ensure you’re both safe while melting your wax and you’re getting the highest quality response from the wax you use. Always follow the safety instructions on the candles! 

  1. Ensure that the top burner of the classic wax melt heater has any wax removed;
  2. Break your wax melt up; for our product you can break the melt into four and place into the top of the wax burner but follow instructions for any other wax tart;
  3. Place one single tealight under your burner and heat up the wax;
  4. Enjoy the scent of the wax candle!

If you’re not sure where to get started with your Wax Melts, have you tried our food and drink inspired scents?

Our Wax Melts are home made using Eco Soya Wax in England and our Scents are blended in Scotland!

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