Introducing the A&L candle collection

Our special announcement

We’re excited to announce that our many weeks creating in our candle making kitchen, we have created a unique recipe for each of our new candle scents.

Our candles are made with natural Soy wax and mixed with blended fresh scent; our secret recipe allows for a completely unique and high quality range of candles – which we’re very excited to offering these on sale in the next few weeks! All our products are made in Northwest England with the scents blended in Scotland.

Introducing our new range

Salted Caramel – On Sale Now! 
Complex notes of caramel, sea salt crystals, pistachios and creamy vanilla.

Cheesecake Crunch – On Sale Now!
Complex notes of Brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa, maple, walnut, citrus and caramel.

Honey Whiskey – On Sale Now!
Complex notes of apple, lemon, honey and a hint of toffee with a spicy ginger.

One fourth scent will be released in the forthcoming weeks.

All these products are on sale – please follow our social media channels found on our home page to be the first to hear further product announcements!

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